Curtains & Roof Sheets new or repaired

We have the outstanding benefit of sharing premises with Tony Beal Ltd (also part of the Beal Group) who are textile product manufacturers specialising in curtains and sheeting systems for the transport industry.

Repairs to roof, back doors and curtain sides

This creates a one-stop-shop where you can bring your vehicle to us and then decide whether you want your curtain/sheet to be repaired or replaced by our highly experienced technicians in both areas. We are the only company in Scotland who can offer either new or repaired sheets from the same premises.

We stock Scotland largest range of pelmets and other curtain accessories including tensioners and curtain pullers.

We also offer a mobile curtain repair service, so when the worst happens at the worst time, we can come to you (covering most areas of central Scotland).

We can supply, fit and/or repair all of the following

  • Curtains
  • Plain side-curtains
  • Pocketed side-curtains
  • Slide-a-side curtains
  • Insulated curtains
  • Chipliner curtains
  • Anti-vandal curtains
  • Anti-vandal curtains
  • Fine mesh internal curtains
  • Manual Roll over sheets
  • Front to back sheeting systems (manual or automatic)
  • Cabriolet/sliding roofs